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01 September, 2012

Tutorial Photoshop - Change a Picture Into a Painting

- Please give a comment after reading, you may ask or request
- You may copy-paste the content, as long as you put a direct link to my blog
- I made the tutorials after tried it first, these are my real pictures
- Enjoy and please share it to your friends ^^

hallo bros and sists!! ^^

are you bored with your old paintings?
think to have or even create a new one but you aren't a good painter?

no problem. i'll tell you how to make YOUR picture into PAINTINGS!!

gimana nih??

Interested? i'll help you to make one!! ^^

Click to see the steps
1. i took this picture from the net, but i forgot the link. thanks to the owner ^^

2. first, we have to copy the layer thrice. use (CTRL+J) thrice

3. hide the top 2 layers, by clicking the "Eye" icon besides the layers

4. chose the visible layer copy 1 (besides the background layer). choose "Filter - Artistic - Cutout"
the set would more or less be like this
Number of levels : 4
Edge simplicity : 4
Edge fidelty : 2

5. find the "Blending Options" above the layer lists, change the value to "Luminosity"

6. hide the layer, and make visible the layer after it (layer copy 2). choose "Filter - Artistic - Dry Brush"
the value would be like this:
Brush Size : 10
Brush Detail : 10
Texture : 3

8.then change the blending option value to "Screen"

9. hide the layer, and make visible the last layer. choose "Filter - Distortion - Median"
change the value to "12"

10. change the blending option to "Soft Light"

all you need is a sketch frame, and a printer. print it and you'll have a new painting in your house!
this one's my first trial and i love it the most ^^

My favorite one

thanks for reading my blog, wait for my next tutorials!! ^^