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27 July, 2013

Download Minions Song - Banana & Underwear

Hallo guys!!!

minions are sooo cute! as we know that these cute minions (i don't know what they are) appeared in Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2, where the main characters are the same, Gru , the mature girl Margo, the nosy girl Edith, the sweet girl Agnes, aaanndd.....the so called MINIONS!!

the storyline is about the super villain and criminal mastermind (Gru) who uses the three orphan girls as his pawn for a grand scheme, and with a little help from Dr. Nefario (a scientist) and his so called Minions (er...i don't know what they are..), to STEAL THE MOON!. the plan goes wrong when finally Gru finds love on the three orphans and ended up change him self to be a good-caring man in order to get the orphan's custody.

instead of Gru or the orphan girls, people around the world are interested more to the minions. their funny voices, laughs, and deed, they have their own short movie around Youtube

i also love their voices so i decided to make an mp3 out of their famous songs, no more explanations, i'd like to give you guys two famous songs that played by these cute Minions:
Download Minions - Banana.mp3
Download Minions - Underwear.mp3 
 Password: punyaupil
How to Download:

so those are the minions songs, actually i am now looking for a song that used in Minions game in Android tablets, particularly the one that is used in the unicorn scene in the game, but it kind of hard to find the song. i'll keep trying to find the song, i hope you enjoy the share ^^



ALHAMDULILLAH YA ALLAH ADA JUGA YANG UPLOAD LAGU INI, hihihi.. thank you upiiiil, mau download yaa :3

seriusan ga ada yg upload? kan lucuu X3 , oke, selamat mendonlot...share temen2 juga ya :p

Ijin sedottt
Thanks bang upill wkwk

Monggo om adi, demen sedot sedot ya? #eh

Monggo om adi, demen sedot sedot ya? #eh